Compagnie Franche de la Marine du Fort La Jonquiere portays a French Marine company that might have been found along the Mississippi River in the 1750's. The historical basis of our unit is the fort, La Jonquiere, that was built on Lake Pepin in Wisconsin in 1750, to pacify the Sioux and act as a base of operations for exploration.

The leader of this expedition, Pierre-Paul Marin, Sieur de la Malgue, was appointed by the Governor of New France to take control of the fur trade via this post, and seek a practical route to the "Sea of the West." After Marin's death in 1753, his son, Joseph, continued his father's mission of maintaining ties with the nations inhabiting the region, and seeking discoveries of mines and minerals.

After several successful efforts at maintaining the peace among the Indian Allies, Marin was recalled to the east to fight the English again in 1755, during what is now known as the French & Indian War. Marin and company marched to Fort Niagara, but were ambushed just a short distance away from the fort in the Battle of Belle Famile.

After the unhappy conclusion of the war, Marin returned to France, where he was awarded the Cross of Saint-Louis for his service in the lost cause.

Today, our unit does its best to portray the various individuals found in or around a French fort on the frontier. Though the bulk of our unit is made up of French Colonial Marines, we also welcome Milice, Coeur de bois, Traders/Surveyors, Native American or Metis, and Camp Followers/Families. 
Fort Niagara, 2009

At Fort Michilimackinac, 2014

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